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Fake medicines also come at a price. They can be lethal.

If you order medicines over the Internet from an unreliable source, you're playing Russian roulette. The stake? Your health, and in the worst case your life. Because something claimed to be a "natural, purely herbal medicine" often contains only chemical – and at times toxic – active substances. Counterfeit medicines can also contain dosages that are too high or too low, or impurities. The fact that sometimes there isn't the slightest trace of the expected active substance in them is also dangerous. In many cases, the so-called medicinal products simply contain brick dust or flour, but also poisons such as insecticides.

Depending on the substance, these products can lead to life-threatening heart and circulatory problems or severe hormonal balance disturbances.

Self-diagnosis and self-treatment are extremely risky. It's not impossible for this to make your condition worse, because you are treating it with fake or ineffective medicines. Get advice from your physician or pharmacist!

Have you experienced health problems as a result of medicines obtained over the Internet? If so, please report them here.